Race Report: Cadwell Park

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 It was an early start for us on Monday, having to be up a ready to have the car scrutineered at 7:15. After the car flew through with flying colours it was parked back up ready and waiting for qualifying at 11:30.

The weather was overcast thorughout qualifing, but the rain held off which was good. Considering how narrow the track is I managed a few good, clear laps which allowed me to set a lap time of 1:35.305 that saw P2 in class and starting race 1 P3 overall.

There was a bit of confusion of grid positions from the 2 drivers infront which lead me to have a slightly compromised start/entry into the first corner and saw me lose a couple of place. After a long hard battle, which lasted the majority of the race, I managed to pressurise the car infront and force a mistake. Even though it started to drizzle, once I was cleared of him I started opening up the gap, but unfortunately there wasn’t enough time left in the race to make any more improvements, I managed to cross the line 2nd in class and 5th on the road.

The weather leading up to race 2 was changeing every minute, making the tyre choice a very difficult and last minute call. It was decided that race 2 was going to be done still running slicks. Coming up to cross the line for the start of the race I was in the wrong gear a didn’t get the best of starts again, but I wasn’t going to let that put me off. After gain back the place I lost at the start, it was time to push on a try for 3rd place overall. The rain started coming about a 8 minutes into the race and started getting heavier, I just had to keep pushing the car to keep heat in the tyres and hope it didn’t spit me off the track. Luckily, it stoped raining after 6 minutes or so and I was closing in on 3rd place. Coming into the closing stages of the racing 3rd place was within my sights, unfortunately a pack of back markers hindered the progress I was making and allowed 3rd place to open the gap up slightly before the chequered flag dropped. P2 in class and P4 on the road.

A replay of the races can be seen here:

Race 1 – 2:25 – https://youtu.be/wD-jthF8B5o

Race 2 – 5:32 – https://youtu.be/wD-jthF8B5o

See the link below for the onboard cameras:

Race 1 –  https://youtu.be/_TYMHWext5A

Race 2 – https://youtu.be/BoMdlZ2Fvl4

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