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16th September 2023



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TRACK DISTANCE: 1.456 miles



TRACK DISTANCE: 2.498 miles



TRACK DISTANCE: 2.969 miles



TRACK DISTANCE: 2.433 miles



TRACK DISTANCE: 1.640 miles



TRACK DISTANCE: 2.692 miles



TRACK DISTANCE: 3.661 miles



TRACK DISTANCE: 1.208 miles



TRACK DISTANCE: 1.850 miles



TRACK DISTANCE: 2.356 miles



TRACK DISTANCE: 1.957 miles



TRACK DISTANCE: 2.127 miles




Paul Wood Racing Team


We are a hard-working dedicated team currently racing a BMW E46 M3.







Race Report: Cadwell Park

31 Aug 2021

 It was an early start for us on Monday, having to be up a ready to have the car scrutineered at 7:15. After the car flew through with flying colours it was parked back up ready and waiting for qualifying at 11:30. The weather was overcast thorughout qualifing, but the rain held off which was good. Considering how narrow the track is I managed a few good, clear laps which allowed me to set a lap time of 1:35.305 that saw P2 in class and starting race 1 P3 overall. There was a bit of confusion of grid positions from the 2 drivers infront which lead me to have a slightly compromised start/entry into the first corner and saw me lose a couple of place. After a long hard battle, which lasted the majority of the race, I managed to pressurise the car infront and force a mistake. Even though it started to drizzle, once I was cleared of him I started opening up the gap, but unfortunately there wasn't enough time left in the race to make any more improvements, I managed to cross the line 2nd in class and 5th on the road. The weather leading up to race 2 was changeing every minute, making the tyre choice a very difficult and last minute call. It was decided that race 2 was going to be done still running slicks. Coming up to cross the line for the start of the race I was in the wrong gear a didn't get the best of starts again, but I wasn't going to let that put me off. After gain back the place I lost at the start, it was time to push on a try for 3rd place overall. The rain started coming about a 8 minutes into the race and started getting heavier, I just had to keep pushing the car to keep heat in the tyres and hope it didn't spit me off the track. Luckily, it stoped raining after 6 minutes or so and I was closing in on 3rd place. Coming into the closing stages of the racing 3rd place was within my sights, unfortunately a pack of back markers hindered the progress I was making and allowed 3rd place to open the gap up slightly before the chequered flag dropped. P2 in class and P4 on the road. A replay of the races can be seen here: Race 1 - 2:25 - https://youtu.be/wD-jthF8B5o Race 2 - 5:32 - https://youtu.be/wD-jthF8B5o See the link below for the onboard cameras: Race 1 -  https://youtu.be/_TYMHWext5A Race 2 - https://youtu.be/BoMdlZ2Fvl4

Race Report: Brands Hatch

02 Aug 2021

First up at 10:20 on Saturday was qualifying for Classic Thunder. The weather was looking overcast, but dry and the track was mainly dry with a few damp patches slowly clearing up. We managed to find some nice free space on the track and qualified P2 in class and P5 on the road with a time of 51.791.  Unfortunately, as a result of an accident that occurred during another race, Robert Foote, a volunteer marshal tragically lost his life and the rest of the day's racing activity was cancelled. Sunday was full of mixed emotions all around the circuit and started with a minutes silence to pay our respects before joining the circuit for the Kumho BMW championship qualifying. It felt very strange being out again driving past the scene from the previous day but managed a lap time of 51.628, but this was only good enough for P8 after a vibration had become apparent with the car.  After investigating the vibration and finding what I thought the cause was, we got that repaired and the car fuelled up and ready for Race 1 for the Kumho BMW Championship started at 12:05. It was a good race but didn't quite have the pace in the car to keep up with the lead pack, but Magee to cross the line in P6.  There was only 1 Classic Thunder race for the weekend due to what happened on Saturday. On the warm-up lap, I found out how the car was having running issues as well, severely misfiring. I found a way to drive the car to minimise the effects of the misfire. I had a good start and looked to be gain some positions into the first corner, but the misfire crept back in and put a stop to that. We then had a long safety car period due to a car stuck in the gravel which left a lot of work to do in a short space of time. On the last lap of the race, we lost a further position, meaning we finished P4 in class and P7 on the road.  The wasn't a lot of downtime before the 2nd Kumho BMW Championship race to try and rectify the misfire issue. We tried our hardest, but to were unable to get the car running correctly again. This didn't stop us lining up on the grid to try a get the best finish we could but to prevent any further damage to the car we had to retire for the race.  We have some work to do on the car to make sure it is fully operational for the next round but sure we can get there.  Thoughts and prayers go out to the friends and family of Robert Foote and thanks to all the volunteer marshalls that make it possible for us to race #orangearmy A replay of the races can be seen here: https://youtu.be/3Ww9ohfqgbU More Footage

Race Report: Donington Park

03 Jun 2021

Bright and early on bank holiday Monday, after being woken by the planes above, I decided it would be a good idea to enter another race series on the same day… After only just recovering, that might not have been one of my best ideas. First up for the day was qualifying for Classic Thunder at 9:10, due to missing the call to head over to the assembly area to get the day started, I was a little bit late getting out on track to set some timed laps. After a couple of installation laps and returning to the pits to set the tyre pressures it didn’t leave a lot of running for the 15 min session and I only managed P8. After a quick drink, stretch and refuel of the car I was back out to qualify for the second race series of the day, Kumho BMW Championship, at 10:30. This one started well (with me being on time) but unfortunately ended early because of an incident on track. This also saw me starting P8, and hoping it wasn’t a running theme for the day. Another quick turn around to get back out for Classic Thunder Race 1 at 11:50. The start of this race was a bit interesting due to one of the front runners having issues and causing the rest of the grid to scatter and navigate around him, which cost me a few places and left me with some work to do. There were many close battles during the race which led to one overtake after another and claiming some of those places back, bring the car home in 4th. Thankfully the lunch break gave me a little more time to prep for Kumho BMW Race 1 at 14:10. Getting a good start from the 4th row of the grid saw me up into 4th position by the first corner. During the race I snuck into P3 due to a retirement and had my work cut out for me keeping hold of that position for the rest of the race. I managed to keep P3 and cross the line, bringing back the first trophy for the season. Race 2 for Classic Thunder started at 15:45 with me in the finishing position for Race 1. Another great race filled with position swapping throughout and making me work hard to bring back another P3 as I crossed the line. I hope this is just signs of what’s to come, as I’m liking the view from the podium. Last race of the day at 15:20 was the Kumho BMW Race 2. Starting from the 2nd row of the grid with a clear track ahead I thought my luck is in here, but, got a little carried away with the throttle on the start. I struggled a bit with grip (or maybe I was just tired) during the first half of the race as I dropped down the order to P8. Adapting my driving to make the most of the car I managed to get back up to cross the line in P4. I also picked up the Driver of the Day award from the Kumho BMW Race 1, some more additions for the trophy cabinet. A replay of the races can be seen here: Classic Thunder – Race 1 - https://youtu.be/fRGw5aD-S0o Classic Thunder – Race 2 - https://youtu.be/jBHV6Gg7xiU Kumho BMW – Race 1 - https://youtu.be/OIgXUhMQiSw Kumho BMW – Race 2 - https://youtu.be/IvbVP7n81Yc See below for a link to some images and the onboard footage from the day (I will add more as the are sent through) https://1drv.ms/u/s!Au4bRXpUWkmBgT15QMc7G-VZjtqm?e=SUeIPw

Race Report: Silverstone

26 Apr 2021

It was an early start on Sunday morning getting the car checked over, making sure everything was right and ready to go for qualifying at 10:50.  We started the session with a couple of laps to get some heat into the slicks, in to the pits to get the tyre pressures set, then off out to set some times. Unfortunately, due to the traffic (about 40 other cars) out on circuit I only managed to set a time of 1:14.089, which was P5 in class and P13 on the road.  Race 1 started at 14:00 with the entire grid hurtling towards turn 1, I had a good run through and pulled up alongside P4 in class, only to be encouraged to take up a bit of involuntary grass tracking. This saw me drop down the order slightly a leave me with a bit of work to do. After pushing the car harder and a few overtakes, I bought the lap time down to 1:12.376 and finished the race P10 on the road and P4 in class.  16:10 saw the green lights signal the start of Race 2, following a good start and getting alongside P3 in class, I again used the grass tracking option (I will try not to make this a habit of) but to no success. The first half of the race was close with P4 and P5 in class, then there was a safety car due to a stricken car on track. It was a short safety car period and I got caught napping on the restart. After a hard push to make up for lost time I set my fastest lap of the day 1:11.722 and get up to P4 in class and P9 on the road.  I was really happy with how the car drove and I’m confident it’ll get better as the seasons goes on.   A replay of the races can be seen here: Race 1 - Approx 3.50 Race 2 - Approx 6.05 https://youtu.be/9sOSKGotoSs A link to the onboard from Race 2 https://youtu.be/FvCZr38Uu8U (There would have been more but there was technical difficulties with the dipstick between the steering wheel and seat)



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